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Privacy Policy

We are committed to providing visitors with a web site that respects their privacy. This page summarizes the privacy policy and practices of the rileydentalassociates.com website.

The Riley Dental Associates of Central Virginia, Inc. website does not automatically gather any specific personal information from you, such as your name, phone number or e-mail address. We would only obtain this type of information if you supply it by sending us an e-mail or submitting an inquiry or feedback via one of our online forms.

Visitors' personal information received via e-mail or by online form is provided only to our Office personnel, who require the information to respond to inquiries. Rest assured, we do not sell any of your personal information to third parties.

We do not link host server log information to any other data in a way that would enable us to identify individual visitors. However, we may review server logs for security purposes, for example, to detect intrusions into our website. The possibility therefore exists that server log data, which contains visitors' IP addresses, may be used to identify an individual.


The information on the rileydentalassociates.com website is posted in good faith. We endeavour to regularly update the information, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy and/or completeness of the information. In accessing this website you agree that rileydentalassociates.com will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage arising from the use of the information on this website or on any other website accessed via a hyper link from the rileydentalassociates.com website.

The content on the rileydentalassociates.com website belongs to rileydentalassociates.com and where appropriate its business partners. Access to the website does not imply a right for you to reproduce and/or distribute the text content, logos, graphics, animations, photos or other content in any way whatsoever.